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You're looking to buy a home or refinance...  I have been in the mortgage/real estate industry since 2012. You have questions on mortgage products, rates, hero programs, first-time home buyer programs...  You have real estate questions in general?

It can be overwhelming! I'd like to make it a less overwhelming for you, and even enjoyable! 

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"You won't find a better person to be on your side and help you through the process, especially if your particular situation is unique. I'm just some random guy on the internet, but take my word for it that I've always been a good judge of character and you'd be extremely hard-pressed to find somebody in this business that comes close to Dale."

Adam B.
Amherst, Ohio

Why Dale for a mortgage?

  • Experienced loan officer.
  • Educator: Dale was a teacher and a coach with a MA Degree in Education.
  • Makes the process easy.
  • Makes the process fun.
  • Very good with technology: Dale meets all clients face-to-face using technology with online video meetings.

Home buying made FUN!

You're nervous about the process.  I get it.  You want to be walked through the process, but NOT looked down upon... You don't want to be stressed, but maybe even have F-U-N in the mortgage process.  I hear ya!  Let's get this ball rolling and schedule a consultation today!

Free Homebuyer's Crash Course Video Series!

Dale's Mortgage/Home Buying Process in a Nutshell...

The first steps are really a "Choose Your Own Adventure"! 

There are two options: 

1.  Click for information on getting started! (Click HERE to begin an application!)

2.  Schedule phone call with Dale!  (Click HERE to schedule a call!)  

The days of driving to an office are in the past!  But the personalized, face-to-face meeting is not!  I still like to meet the old fashioned way, but I use Zoom online video meetings to make it easier for everyone to make time to meet!  It's fun, easy, and we still get to see each other!  I can share mortgage programs, show your credit report, discuss rates, and show you how we can work together to make your mortgage experience enjoyable!  We will discuss the best way to communicate throughout the process. 

Communication is key to a great experience! 

There's really nothing more important to your experience than communicating with your realtor and your mortgage coach!  Do you prefer email--I can do that!  Text--I like this best!  Phone calls--of course!  We will get to know more about each other.  We will laugh.  And we will be prepared for what's next!

Once you fill out your application, we will look at your credit, and I will collect your needed income documents. 


Typical documents include: 

  • W2s/1099s (two years)
  • Pay Stubs (30 days)
  • Bank statements (60 days). 
  • Self employed income documents may include personal and business tax returns and K-1s.
  • VA loans may include a DD 2-14

Once all income and assets are verified, I will send you a pre-qualification letter.  Please share that with your realtor! 

Once you receive a contract, your realtor will send it over to me, and we will prepare your formal loan application!  

You will receive online documents to get started.

Processing is just what it sounds like.  Your mortgage application is now in the hands of the Processing Department!  I will always be your main point of contact, but if our processor should reach out to you, feel free to contact me with any questions!

Once processing gets everything together that they need, an underwriter will review your file.  There are typically two things we will here from underwriting:

1.  Conditional Approval

This is great news!  It means that you are "Approved" however there are always a few basic "conditions" that we need to clear before we get to final approval!  You will soon receive your Closing Disclosure!  This document is TIME SENSITIVE.  We will talk about it, but it must be signed at LEAST 3 DAYS PRIOR TO CLOSING!  

2.  Final Approval

Yassssssss!  This is what we want to hear.  All conditions have been met by underwriting and we are ready for C-T-C!  (See next!)


This is the BIG ONE!  Once we here this, you are going to get notified by the title company to schedule your closing!  


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